Dinosaur Plush Tooth Brushing Educational Toy


Roar into dental hygiene fun with our Dinosaur Plush Tooth Brushing Educational Toy! This adorable dino isn’t just a cuddly companion; it’s a roaring reminder for kids to brush their teeth. With its soft, huggable exterior and toothbrush in hand, this dino makes learning about oral care a Jurassic adventure. Watch as your little ones eagerly mimic brushing alongside their new prehistoric pal, turning dental routines into playful discoveries. Make brushing time a toothy triumph with our Dinosaur Plush – where dental health meets dino-mite fun!

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Meet our Dinosaur Plush Tooth Brushing Educational Toy – the roaringly fun way to inspire kids to conquer their dental routines! With its cuddly, prehistoric charm and a toothbrush ready for action, this dino is more than just a toy; it’s a dental coach in disguise. Watch as your little explorer learns the importance of brushing alongside their new dino buddy, turning every session into a Jurassic adventure full of giggles and sparkling smiles. Get ready for teeth-brushing triumphs and dino-sized dental care fun with our lovable Dinosaur Plush – because learning to roar with clean teeth has never been this adorable!
27cm x 32cm x 28cm plush soft filled education toy with 19cm toothbrush

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Dimensions 27 × 32 × 28 cm