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Introducing Tommy the Super Tooth – the heroic plush toy that’s here to save the day and your smile! With his sparkling cape and shiny smile, Tommy is no ordinary plushie. He’s on a mission to make brushing fun and keep teeth as strong as steel! Whether he’s battling the evil sugar bugs or flying through bedtime routines, Tommy is your smile’s best friend. Get ready for super-sized hugs and super-powered dental adventures with Tommy the Super Tooth – because a healthy smile is the greatest superpower of all!

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Meet Tommy, the cuddly companion every child dreams of! With his fluffy fur and twinkling eyes, Tommy is not just a plush toy – he’s a best friend waiting to happen. Whether it’s bedtime snuggles or adventure-packed playdates, Tommy is always ready to join in the fun. Soft, huggable, and full of personality, he’s the perfect partner for giggles and imagination galore. Get ready to make memories with Tommy, because every hug with him is a hug full of joy!
30cm x 15cm x 35cm soft filled felt toy with cape.

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Dimensions 35 × 15 × 30 cm